Terms Of Use

1. Suros Wireless is a privately owned company providing 4G LTE Services to both rural and city business and residential customers. 
2. All digital and printed content belongs to Suros Wireless. No un authorized use of the name or content on this page is allowed            
    without written permission of the company. 

3. We offer 4G LTE Service through or re-sell/retail agreements and offer tier 1 support for all of our solutions. You will not ever be
    directed to another company for questions regarding your service. All of our customers sign up as part of a large pool of shared 
    High Speed LTE data that provides a quality broadband internet experience based on the average family house hold use of 75 gigs.

4. All data is subject to de-prioritization after 50 gigs of data use based on overall network congestion and plan selected.

5. Suros Wireless covers the cost of equipment replacement and service for the life of the service. Malicious activity or 
    abuse to the equipment is not covered. Natural events including damage from weather is not included. 

6. All equipment & service comes with a 7 day money back guarantee on satisfaction. Your equipment is  covered from       defect during the life of your service with Suros Wireless. Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment, Mishandling, Accidents, or 
​     Third Party actors that may damage the equipment or events of force are not covered.  
7. You are responsible for the activity over your service line. Any activity deemed possibly malicious, nefarious, illicit or illegal is
       subject to cancellation and additional termination fee's. 

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