Can I Game With LTE? 

Gaming Is Perfect Due To The Low Latency With LTE


Can I Stream With This Service?

Streaming Will Be Available
In HD (1080) - On Average.

4k Possible Depending On 
Service Speed.

The 4G LTE Spectrum Hawk

LTE today are more powerful than ever. LTE Modem Routers with Wi-Fi onboard allow Suros Wireless to provide the most Best Internet experience for Rural customers that has ever been experienced. 

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The LB1120 LTE Modem

With only a basic home Wi-Fi router needed for use. The powerful, and compact, LB1120 is the best product for the price. With a setup time of only 2 minutes from power up to use! It's not wonder it is our best selling product to date!

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No Signal? No Problem!

Customers in need of additional signal support can employ a Wilson Amplifier to increase personal cell performance and Internet speed. All with one easy to use product!

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