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​​Wireless Communications Made Simple...

LTE Wireless Internet

Cellular Amplification

Asset tracking and management.

Remote Support & Configuration.

Land Line Services with E911. 

Live & On Demand Suros Customer Care Support.

Wi-Fi Design & Deploy

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). 

GPS Systems 

Static IP Addressing Available

The Suros Promise:
      Suros Wireless not only provides the guarantee behind our products and services, but a promise to always have the customer's needs in the hearts and minds of our daily operations. Providing world class support to all organizations we serve is our foremost goal to everyone.


VOIP Services Available 

Cell Amplifcation

There for you
Responsive Service
Live Support
Providing a World Class service means being there for our customers and that is you. Your questions and concerns are what the team here at Suros wish to answer for you and provide clarity in a technically cluttered world. Find out what we can do for your organization today!
If you dont like answering machines or leavings a voicemail when it's important, dont worry, neither do we. That is why at Suros our service to you does not end on our time, but yours and every call or email will be answered when you need it.
When you have questions, they deserve answers. We here at Suros aim to always keep the lines of communication going for our customers because we know how important it is to you to have the information you need when you are asking.