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  1. 13 Feb, 2017
    How Suros Wireless Decreases Network Congestion
    Network Congestion The breakdown of what this is for you.  Suros Wireless strives to provide a low cost, high quality solution that delivers on the expectations the customer has as to the performance of their network. That being said, what do people mean when they say congestion? Well, simply put, it is just how it sounds.  imagine a highway of sorts. This highway is designed to support people speeding on it upwards of 200+ MPH. BUT, we all know that it is hard to find the room/availability to
  2. Security Cameras And Wi-Fi
    15 Dec, 2016
    Security Cameras And Wi-Fi
    The Live Layer Of Security In the earlier days of home security, calling a name brand company was normally a person only option when it came to setting up a  home security system that would alert the home owners to any would be intruder by employing rather menacing alarms making it clear as day their presence was known. Today that has all changed with the advent of IP/Web Interface camera systems.  Thanks to leaps and bounds in processing and memory power, cameras have become far more