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  1. Our Lowest Rates Ever!
    03 Oct, 2017
    Our Lowest Rates Ever!
    4G LTE Wireless Internet for Rural & Urban locations now only $55 through the end of October for the first month of service (On any plan higher than Hyperion). Find out why Suros Wireless is quickly becoming the go to provider for all of Rural Texas. Join the Wireless Revolution Today. 1-888-757-8767 Ext 802 We are proud to have the lowest rates on the market and the best service to date. We are confident that after you experience the LTE difference, you will not know what you did before. Check
  2. 13 Feb, 2017
    How Suros Wireless Decreases Network Congestion
    Network Congestion The breakdown of what this is for you.  Suros Wireless strives to provide a low cost, high quality solution that delivers on the expectations the customer has as to the performance of their network. That being said, what do people mean when they say congestion? Well, simply put, it is just how it sounds.  imagine a highway of sorts. This highway is designed to support people speeding on it upwards of 200+ MPH. BUT, we all know that it is hard to find the room/availability to
  3. Security Cameras And Wi-Fi
    15 Dec, 2016
    Security Cameras And Wi-Fi
    The Live Layer Of Security In the earlier days of home security, calling a name brand company was normally a person only option when it came to setting up a  home security system that would alert the home owners to any would be intruder by employing rather menacing alarms making it clear as day their presence was known. Today that has all changed with the advent of IP/Web Interface camera systems.  Thanks to leaps and bounds in processing and memory power, cameras have become far more
  4. Rural & Mobile Broadband Internet 4G LTE
    13 Dec, 2016
    Rural & Mobile Broadband Internet 4G LTE
    4G LTE Serves The Under Served As much as cell phone coverage has expanded, many of the locations in our country still find themselves at a loss for internet service. The issue with laying fiber or new cable can simply come down to cost that prohibit companies from investing in such a venture for one or two lines in one area then multiplied to cover what is actually a vast area. At some point economics kick in even for the big guys.  Thats where we step in.... Suros Wireless work to bring
  5. The Internet Of Things - IOT
    13 Dec, 2016
    The Internet Of Things - IOT
    What is IOT? Every home, apartment building, office building, warehouse, etc..will be equipped from entry door to laundry room with connected devices that work together in tandem to provide you the most accurate reading possible of what they are doing and how they are operating. This new IOT will bring some of the most efficient means of energy use seen in the modern day. You will be able to control every outlet in your home from a supplied device or your phone.  Already in use today are
  6. Building A Wireless Network
    08 Dec, 2016
    Building A Wireless Network
    THE DIY NETWORK First Or Improving On Existing So you want to build a wireless network, but don't have an idea of which way to turn to start? Like every industry out there. When choosing to do something on your own, the right research matters so you do not end up causing yourself a head ache later on (But lets be honest, the headache part is usually not avoidable)  The good news is this is a great place to start. Lets start with the question of a wireless network. How does one go about
  7. Security In A Wireless World
    08 Dec, 2016
    Security In A Wireless World
    Why Awareness Matters Wireless Security Awareness By now everyone has seen or worse, experienced what a security breach on their personal computer or data has been like for themselves or for large organizations that deal in bulk data collecting and storing. With the plethora of articles out there and software pushed at us claiming it will keep us protected its hard to know what to make of who is actually performing at what they claim to prevent or fix.  Wireless security is no different.
  8. The Coming 5G Networks
    08 Dec, 2016
    The Coming 5G Networks
    5G In A Nutshell.  In the year 2020 we are expected to see the first deployments of the Fifth Generation of wireless network or 5G. With it will come some of the fastest operation speeds over wireless that we have yet seen available to the consumer end market. No longer will movies take time to download from source to device. Entire movies will now be able to be downloaded in seconds or streamed seamlessly over the air.  But what is it exactly? Many articles will say different explanation as
  9. Why A Cell Router Over The Phone
    07 Dec, 2016
    Why A Cell Router Over The Phone
    CELL ROUTER OR HOT SPOT PHONE? Give the phone a rest.                                                                    Information Unlimited - Information For All
  10. Increasing 4G LTE Coverage Anywhere.
    07 Dec, 2016
    Increasing 4G LTE Coverage Anywhere.
    4G LTE Wideband Signal Repeaters Making poor reception a thing of the past.  Even as coverage expands across the country, obstacles and other types of interference can cause us to sometimes have poor reception in the home. Consider the use of a home amplifier by Wilson capable of covering a 1,500 SQ FT Home. These easy to use and install amplifiers are top of the line in quality and feature all carriers bands in use over the spectrum.  If you rely on your phone or a cell router as your primary